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February 1st: Attracting Birds to Your Backyard
Our own Lawn and Garden Expert, Chris DuPerow will show you the ins and outs of attracting wild birds to your backyard this season!

February 8th: Seed Starting
It all begins here. Join our Lawn Expert, Chris DuPerow as he helps you navigate this important process!

February 15th: Succulent Care and Uses
Sean Diamond, member of the Midwest Cactus and Succulent Society will show you what to do and how to care for these ever popular plants!

February 22nd: Indoor Gardening
Growing Happy and Healthy houseplants. From selecting the proper houseplant to caring and eventually transplanting it.

February 29th: Orchid Care
Allan Lund from the West Shore Orchid Society will take some of the fear of owning these exotic, potted, flowering plants!

March 7th: Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Backyard
Gale’s Westlake’s own Chris DuPerow will give you advise on how to attract these glorious, exotic birds and to make your yard a frequent stop for them!

March 14th: Terrariums and Miniature Gardens
From life behind the glass to the fairy garden, Gale’s Westlake’s Ashley Robb will show you how to put them together and how to maintain them!

March 21st: Spring Planting and Preparation
Our very own Nursery Department Head, Matt Rhodes will head up this incredibly import seminar!

March 28th: Lawn Care
Mark Laube from Oliger Seed will be here to answer all your questions about seeding and fertilizing your lawn!



Winter Greenhouses

A trip through our warm, inviting greenhouse is just what you need on a cold winter’s day. It’s sure to lift your spirits during these dreary few months when we’re all dreaming about gardening. We have a spectacular selection of affordable indoor plants certain to cheer you up and fill the empty spaces left when all the Christmas decorations come down! We offer a nice selection of unique glass terrariums, perfect for gardening in small spaces indoors. If you haven’t seen our fairy gardens yet, what are you waiting for? They’re sure to inspire you to invite fairies into your own garden. You’ll find miniature plants, garden accessories and figures perfect for creating your own garden with just a bit of imagination! Our greenhouses are always filled with potted, seasonal blooming and foliage plants as well as beautiful, easy to grow orchids. Don’t worry! We have everything you will need to keep your plants healthy! We also have a professional and knowledgeable staff anxiously waiting to answer any questions you may have!