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Are your trees safe?


From Deer?

If you live in NE Ohio, NOTHING is safe from deer! Especially when those young bucks are rubbing and scraping their antlers against the trees! They do this to remove the velvet on their antlers, polish their antlers or mark their territory during mating season. This may lead to broken branches and torn tree bark which could permanently damage your trees. If you see deer chewing on lower branches, be sure to trim those branches to avoid this in the future.

Deer are repeat offenders and normally return to the scene of their crimes to wreak more havoc. wrapping your tree is one way to prevent deer from damaging young trees and we also recommend deer repellants to either control the area or the actual tree itself. Contact repellants will stop them from chewing on the trees but you may also want to use an area repellant to keep them from approaching the tree itself.

We offer quite a few solutions to solving this problem. Stop by soon and talk to one of our Lawn and Garden Professionals to figure out the best solution for you and your landscape.







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