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Low Light Plants, What's Their Deal?


With the rising popularity of houseplants, you may wonder why low light plants are amongst the most popular.  Quick background: most of your low light plants hail from tropical regions and are found deep in the jungles underneath a canopy of leaves, vines and trees so sunlight is often blocked out or very filtered.  These natural conditions allow the plants to thrive within your home where sunlight maybe limited.  Keeping this in mind, low light plants grow at a slower rate, they need less watering due to the evaporation from the soil takes more time and they are somewhat versatile to where they can be placed in your home.  There are also benefits to many of low light plants other than a great decorating piece like they help clean the air!  Many species help remove low levels of formaldehyde, xylene and other harmful VOC’s plus researchers have found that rooms with plants have less dust and mold because the leaves catch allergens and other particles.  Additionally, other benefits include stress relief, the increasing of productivity, sharpening your focus, recovery from illness faster and simply working and caring for plants can be therapeutic aiding in mental health.

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